We will all leave a legacy. And we don’t have to be rich, famous, or even dead to leave one. Our legacies are left as imprints on the hearts and minds of those who know us best. The small choices and behaviors that we repeat over time is what others will remember long after we’ve moved, changed jobs, or died.Your Unforgettable Life examines the impact our decisions have on the legacy we leave and in doing so demonstrates how to make wise choices that will result in an unforgettable life.Your Unforgettable Life will:Provide biblical examples and encouraging stories of legacies that have impacted generationsHelp you deliberately and confidently build a legacyTeach you to develop a vision for the legacy you leave and supply you with ways to engage in healthy choices that will result in an unforgettable legacy

Your Unforgettable Life: Only You Can Choose the Legacy You Leave

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